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Artist and Decorator

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SOUENTOS - Souvenirs y Cuentos - is an artistic laboratory and online art shop that creates naive works inspired by nature, art and folk tradition. Works dedicated to the world of popular traditions, mythological tales of men and gods, ancient masks, archeology and popular tales. 

The story (in Spanish "cuento") and the memory (in French "souvenir") are the key concepts of the entire artistic production.

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I am interested in the study of textile and paper fibres, the textures, patterns and textures of nature, which I acquire through photographs and scans and subsequently transform, with the use of digital technique, into artistic creations with simple, geometric, naïve lines, whose aim is to integrate the digital world with the natural one. 

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My painting is not limited to canvases but extends onto every surface with a marked preference for floors. I enjoy creating large mosaic-style pictorial compositions from the Greek and Roman eras, and bringing some of the magic of the past back into modern homes.

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